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Industry Clients

-  Law Firms

- Full service and luxury hotels and resorts
- Select service, extended stay, all-suite and vacation ownership properties
- Private and public golf clubs
- Full-service and casual dining restaurants
- Hotel management companies
- Hotel ownership and investment groups
- Hotel developers
- Commercial insurance companies
- Commercial insurance brokers

Risk Consulting Services

Employee Health, Safety & Injury Prevention

  • Health, safety and injury prevention program assessment and review

  • Management performance and accountability metrics, tools and resources

  • Property, operational and department-specific exposures and controls

  • Material handling and ergonomic exposures

  • Slip, trip and fall exposures and controls

  • Cut and burn exposures and controls

  • Return to work program

  • Regulatory compliance

Liability Risk

  • Slips, trips and falls

  • Innkeepers' liability

  • Premises security, key and access controls

  • Security program review

  • Incident response and reporting`

  • Life safety, crisis and emergency programs

  • Food and beverage operations

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

  • Contractor and vendor management

Driver & Vehicle Risk

  • Program assessment and review

  • Transportation and parking operations

  • Valet parking operations

  • Commercial vehicle risk

  • Non-owned vehicle risk

  • Selection, training and ongoing management

Property Risk

  • Fire and life safety systems

  • Property and natural hazards

  • Crisis management and contingency planning

  • Supply chain and business interruption

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